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Digital Asset Manager – Web3 Product Manager            

Position: Digital Asset Manager – DeFi, Web3, Cryptocurrency

A market trailblazer, dedicated to reshaping the landscape of digital finance, seeks a Digital Asset Manager with a robust background in Corporate Finance or Banking, coupled with extensive Crypto and Web3 product expertise. Embark on transformative projects that incorporate Governance, Automated VC, OTC platform, Asset Management Modules, Side Chains, Vaults, and Derivatives Dex. This role is designed for a visionary who brings more than 3 years of experience in Crypto/DeFi and has the confidence to navigate the complexities of these dynamic sectors.

Core Responsibilities for the Web3 Product Manager

  • Manage a vibrant portfolio of digital assets, including innovative projects within the realms of DeFi and Web3.
  • Drive the development and execution of projects such as Governance structures, Automated Venture Capital, diverse Grants Programmes, and sophisticated Asset Management Modules.
  • Harness industry-leading strategies to maintain and enhance the efficacy and profitability of digital assets.
  • Engage with cross-functional teams to deliver on project goals, fostering an environment of collaboration and innovation.

Essential Skills & Experience for the Web3 Product Manager

  • Proven expertise in managing digital assets within a corporate finance or banking environment, enriched with significant exposure to cryptocurrency and DeFi.
  • Comprehensive understanding of blockchain technology, smart contracts, and crypto-economic protocols, ensuring a forward-thinking approach to asset management.
  • Exceptional planning, prioritization, execution skills, and a capacity for coaching, paired with high emotional intelligence.
  • Stellar communication and collaboration abilities, adept at engaging with a broad spectrum of stakeholders with varying levels of technical understanding.
  • Agility in adapting to rapidly evolving technological stacks, ensuring the continual relevance and competitiveness of asset management strategies.

Why Join the team?

  • Contribute to a innovative Hedge fund that is pioneering decentralized finance Trading.
  • Collaborate with leading minds across the top echelons of Finance, DeFi & Trading projects, drawing on collective expertise to scale new heights in digital finance.
  • Thrive in a flexible work setting that values contributions from all corners of the globe, underscoring our commitment to hiring unparalleled talent regardless of location.
  • Immerse yourself in a role that challenges you to think expansively, offering significant professional growth and opportunities to influence the sector profoundly.

Ideal Candidate Traits

  • Experience leading product teams on a large scale within the DeFi, Web3, or similar consumer technology sectors.
  • A strong track record from top-tier DeFi projects or technology companies.
  • Direct engagement with various DeFi crypto applications on platforms like Ethereum, with an in-depth understanding of functionalities and operational mechanics.

This role promises not just a job but a pivotal career opportunity for those ready to leave a lasting impact on the world of decentralized finance and Trading. If your ambition drives you to stand at the forefront of finance technology and innovation, this is your arena.




£190,000 / Annually