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Senior Solidity Engineer - Quant Engineering



Senior Solidity Engineer - Quant Engineer

Must have - Mathematics and Quant background required - Advanced Mathematics and Accounting for Defi Transaction expertise is key to this business.

We have a well-funded DeFi startup that are building a remote team. Their focus is to build a tokenized web3 products that will be able to be used within the Ethereum community.

Responsibilities for the Senior Solidity Engineer - Defi, Web3, Solidity:

  • Architect a blockchain-based system involving collateral-based minting, pricing oracles
  • (will likely want to launch our own), leverage, and liquidations
  • Lead the development of a web3 prototype (100% hands-on)
  • Design, internally audit, and deploy smart contracts (likely on EVM-compatible networks)
  • Help build, scale, and manage a team of engineers

Requirements for the Senior Solidity Engineer Engineer role:

  • 3+ years experience in blockchain and 5+ years in Hedge fund or Investment Banking software engineering
  • Quant Engineering and trading knowledge, Advanced Mathematics
  • Led teams/divisions at a highly senior level (Director/Head/VP/CTO)
  • Start-up/scale up experience from a modern tech company
  • Deep experience and familiarity with Solidity and its quirks
  • Smart contract engineering
  • Production ready software examples
  • Familiarity with oracles, GraphQL, and other web3/infra tools
  • Understanding of web, mobile, API-based, and blockchain products
  • Up to date with the best frameworks and tools to streamline a quick-to-market approach (i.e. using scaffold.eth for prototype, etc)
  • Desire to play a pivotal role in building a top-tier protocol

About the FUND - they are a privately-funded group of builders and thinkers with a shared mission to further develop the crypto ecosystem through researching protocols, building tools, and incubating projects. Senior Solidity Smart Contract Engineer

This job listing is not available anymore, it's been archived or removed. Please have a look other open positions that we have currently available.

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