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Senior Product Designer – Crypto Web3 Gaming




Senior Product Designer – Crypto Web3 Gaming 


Are you able to lead projects independently? If so, then we are seeking a highly skilled and experienced Senior Product Designer to join a dynamic and innovative web3 gaming company. As Senior Product Designer, you will have a thorough understanding of wallet and transaction states, be able to simplify complex challenges, and detect flaws in other systems. 

As a community, they are passionate about crypto, gaming and are comprised of industry leaders and blockchain experts, who believe there are better ways to build distributed organizations. If you are a gaming enthusiast who thrives at the intersection of virtual economies and cutting-edge gaming, then, we're looking for you! 

Your role as Senior Product Designer: 

We are seeking accomplished Senior Product Designers steeped in a minimum of two years' experience designing for the Web3 terrain. Your comprehensive understanding of wallet and transaction states is non-negotiable and your capacity to fashion straightforward solutions to intricate challenges is key. You fluently communicate in design systems and have the attentiveness to discern flaws in other systems designed at scale. Manoeuvring within responsive web design principles, your fluency extends to other design theory facets such as Information Architecture, Colour Theory, Typography, Design Systems, Atomic Design Principles, and beyond. 

As a Senior Product Designer, you should encompass: 

  • A minimum of six years' experience in Product Design 
  • At least two years' contribution to Web3 Product Design 
  • At least one thriving web3 project accredited to your design influence 
  • Proficiency in Figma 
  • Superior time-management and organizational expertise 
  • Verifiable experience as a Product Designer supported by a robust portfolio 


Extra Credit: 

If your arsenal includes knowledge, experience, or specialization in Web3, Gaming, DeFi, GameFi, DAO’s, or other gaming and blockchain-specific domains, we perceive this as a strategically advantageous skill set. 

We are looking for a candidate who is passionate about the web3 gaming space and eager to contribute to the growth of this company. If you are ready to take on this exciting challenge, please reach out to Poppy Colbourne. 


Please share your Portfolio :) 




$150,000 / Annually