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Quant Developer - Blockchain Engineer - Solidity

New York



Senior Quant Engineer - On-Chain Accounting Expertise Required

Our firm is at the forefront of pioneering innovative solutions within the cryptocurrency ecosystem. Our visionary team is dedicated to exploring new protocols, crafting transformative tools, and building pioneering projects. We are in search of a Senior DeFi Engineer who possesses a robust skill set in mathematics, an in-depth knowledge of DeFi on-chain accounting, and a profound understanding of quantitative analysis. This position is tailor-made for an individual ready to tackle complex challenges within multichain environments and contribute significantly to the advancement of our trading and blockchain-based systems.

Key Responsibilities

  • Blockchain System Architecture: Lead in designing a blockchain architecture that incorporates collateral-based minting, pricing oracles, and liquidations. Initiative towards developing our proprietary oracle solution is a plus.
  • Integration and Prototyping: Spearhead the development of an advanced trading prototype, taking a hands-on approach to integration and testing.


  • Experience: A requirement of at least 3 years in blockchain DeFi projects, complemented by a minimum of 5 years in software engineering, preferably within hedge funds or investment banking sectors.
  • Quantitative Skills: A solid foundation in quantitative engineering and trading with advanced knowledge in mathematics is essential.
  • Leadership: Proven executive-level experience in technology leadership positions such as Director, Head, Vice President, or CTO.
  • Startup Mindset: Demonstrable achievements in startup or fast-growth tech environments, exhibiting agility and innovative thinking.
  • Solidity and Smart Contract Development: Expertise in Solidity, showcasing competency with production-level smart contracts.
  • Blockchain and Web3 Knowledge: Proficiency in web3 technologies, with hands-on experience in Ethereum & Solana chains, oracles, GraphQL, among other blockchain infrastructures.
  • Product Development Acumen: A comprehensive understanding of web, mobile, API-based, and blockchain product ecosystems.
  • Passion: A compelling drive to contribute significantly to the DeFi space, aiming to make a lasting impact on payments and financial infrastructures.

We invite ambitious and forward-thinking engineers passionate about pushing the limits of blockchain technology to join our endeavor in shaping the future of DeFi protocols and the broader crypto ecosystem. Your contribution will be pivotal in our ongoing exploration, innovation, and growth.

If you are prepared to embark upon a challenging yet rewarding journey with us, we welcome your application and look forward to discussing the profound impact you can make at our firm.


New York


$200,000 / Annually