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Web3 Developer Advocate (Gaming)




The Web3 Developer Advocate will help build a web3 native game launcher from the future.

We believe the greatest long-term value propositions for web3 gaming center around the interoperability of assets across multiple games, marketplaces, DeFi protocols, communities, social graphs, and reputation systems. Gaming has the potential to serve as a catalyst for growing web3, and in doing so, empowering millions and then billions of people who were previously locked out of the legacy financial system.

The product is aiming to solve the web3 gaming interoperability problem by creating an open-source game launcher that passes through the player’s web3 wallet into native desktop games. The launcher will aggregate both existing game stores (like the Epic Game Store and GOG) or allow players to sideload games which are not launched through those stores.

The Web3 Developer Advocate will be:

  • Be entrepreneurial, growth-minded, collaborative, and enjoy working in a startup environment with some level ambiguity, autonomy, and freedom to experiment
  • Bring a passion for open-source software and working in public alongside a community of stakeholders
  • Proactively collaborate with game developers, both those who are already building on the platform, and those that are not yet building on it.
  • Synthesize feedback from the developer community to contribute to team discussions about technical issues, sprint and roadmap planning
  • Be proficient and thoughtful with asynchronous and synchronous communication, giving and receiving feedback, and working independently or with a team
  • Support teammates’ performance and growth
  • Be successful working within a fully remote environment
  • Bring respect, patience, and empathy to every interaction and relationship with coworkers and the community
  • Bring hustle, enthusiasm, heart, and a love of web3 gaming

The Web3 Developer Advocate craft:

  • Experienced with JavaScript
  • Experienced with game engines like Unity and Unreal
  • Strong knowledge of web3 wallets and web3 dapp development patterns (MetaMask, WalletConnect, ethers.js, web3.js, or similar).
  • Skilled with developer evangelism, developer relations, and/or sales engineering
  • Experience with REST APIs and WebSockets
  • Proficient in writing and revising documentation

For more information about the Web3 Developer Advocate opportunity please contact Andrés Altuve.

This job listing is not available anymore, it's been archived or removed. Please have a look other open positions that we have currently available.

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