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Social Media Specialist - Web3 Layer2/DAO




Social Media Specialist – Web3 Layer2/DAO

We are seeking a highly skilled and experienced Social Media Specialist to join a dynamic and innovative Ethereum Layer 2 solution. As a Social Media Specialist, you will develop social media and community strategies for different channels, build and maintain vibrant online communities, and create engaging content, activities, and campaigns. You will interact with the community, design social activities, and work with internal teams to align campaigns with marketing and product strategies. You will actively seek out community-building opportunities, analyse engagement data, propose campaigns, and track performance.

The successful candidate will be part of a pioneering project in the field of DAO-led L2 networks, with a focus on showcasing the potential of tokenized governance and fostering a more collaborative decentralized economy. The vision is to revolutionize the blockchain industry by providing scalable, efficient, and secure solutions for decentralized applications.

As the Social Media Specialist your responsibilities will include:

  • Conceive social media and community strategies for different channels to build brand awareness, boost community engagement, and create and maintain the project network’s brand image.
  • Build, monitor, grow and maintain vibrant online communities on Twitter, YouTube, Medium, etc. by planning and developing high-quality engaging content, activities, and campaigns.
  • Respond to comments and queries in a timely manner, identify and capture marketing opportunities as well as areas of improvement, and report on feedback and online reviews.
  • Interact meaningfully with the community and other relevant stakeholders (the wider community) as the project representative, daily via the official social media accounts.
  • Design creative social activities to drive community engagement and build an engaged community.
  • Work closely with the internal marketing and product teams to set up and implement social media and communication campaigns that tightly align with the overarching marketing and product strategies.
  • In collaboration with the design team, produce eye-catching, evoking visual content, including but not limited to campaign posters, banners, community call slides and presentation decks, gifs, videos, etc.
  • Actively search for and arrange potential community-building opportunities, including but not limited to collaborations, features/mentioned in media outlets, speaking opportunities, and advertising opportunities.
  • Analyze engagement data, identify trends in community interactions, research social media trends, and plan/update/propose suitable campaigns to build community online.
  • Track campaigns, measure their performance against the KPIs, collect feedback from the community, and produce regular reporting with the analysis on how to provide constant improvement of social and community ROI.

As the Social Media Specialist you should bring:

  • Extensive knowledge of web3 and protocol/layer-2 ecosystems
  • Strong interest and passion for blockchain
  • Excellent verbal and written communication skills and fluency in English
  • Experience with community building, managing, nurturing, and retaining layer-2 communities.
  • Experience in creating high quality visual content and paid media campaigns is a plus
  • Min 2 years experience in social media and community management especially Twitter, Youtube platform
  • Outstanding copywriting skills and the ability to work independently and as part of a team
  • Highly motivated, detail-oriented, collaborative, and open-minded

If you are interested in our Social Media Specialist role reach out to Poppy Colbourne for more information.




£70,000 / Annually