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Chris – 3.5 years, Citibank before, EY, KPMG, Fidelity

Always done Asset and Weath Management – goldmansachs – leads Asset and Wealth across UK&I

Grown 7 fold in 3 years

Adam wanted Christo take strategy and consulting for Insurance as they haven’t grown

Few tweaks he needs to make – don’t have a individual who is at senior level insurance

Life pensions and investments

Needs someone who has been a consultant before

Good network – not just a network but trusted and valued who has delivered before

Accenture don’t Audit which is great – free to partner with any tech partner

Tech, data and digitalisation

£5million at big 4 – At Accenture its £25million and if u don’t hit then its uncomfortable

Needs to understand scale of stuff

Good knowledge of the business

Network and trusted network

Lots to Deloitte recently

4 levels of MD – CL 3 – Equity shares

£230 – 270/280k + profit share similar amounts per year (double that if over perform)

Shares 250k – 5 year vesting

Blend of all life pensions and investments

Targets – 20 odd clients – each could generate




ROYAL LONDON, Phoenix, Aberdeen


  • Consulting – The but whole operating model transformation
  • How do you re-org an organisation
  • Broad understanding how to implement tech programmes, digital and guidewire , duckcreek
  • £15-25million

Big transformation but big 4 people will be Deloitte

KPMG – not anyone there – Mark Longworth would be ideal

EY might have some

Potentially PWC – they audit so much so transformation is a lot less

Strat houses –

Reporting to Chris

Could be Adam

Interview based – 8/8 stages .

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