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Lead Game Economist – Tokenization Strategy - Web3/Gaming




Lead Game Economist – Tokenization Strategy - Web3/Gaming 


We are seeking a highly skilled and experienced Lead Game Economist to join a dynamic and innovative web3 gaming company. As a Lead Game Economist, you will craft game-changing economic frameworks, guide partners, lead innovation, analyze and shape game economies, conduct investment analysis, and build and lead a team of gaming economists.  

As a community, they are passionate about crypto, gaming and are comprised of industry leaders and blockchain experts, who believe there are better ways to build distributed organizations. If you’re a you a gaming enthusiast who thrives at the intersection of virtual economies and cutting-edge gaming, then, we're looking for you! 

As a Lead Game Economist your responsibilities include: 

  • Crafting Game-Changing Economic Frameworks: Immerse yourself in creating and executing a comprehensive economic layer for our gaming project, melding your love for gaming with your expertise in economics. 
  • Guiding Partners with Your Gaming Acumen: Provide direct, hands-on support to the ecosystem partners, enhancing their game economy loops, and monetization strategies. 
  • Leading Through Innovation: Take the lead in pioneering projects within the gaming ecosystem, exploring new token models and economic mechanisms that resonate with gamers and defy market trends. 
  • Analyzing and Shaping Game Economies with Expert Insight: Dive deep into the world of Web3 game economies by conducting comprehensive, hands-on analyses. Your role will involve identifying key areas for improvement through a gamer's lens while simultaneously engaging in extensive research on successful game economies. Your findings will be shared publicly to provide the necessary knowledge required to refine gaming economies, positioning yourself as a thought leader. 
  • Hands-On Investment Analysis: Apply your gaming and economic know-how to lead in-depth due diligence processes for potential investment opportunities. 
  • Building and Leading a Team of Gaming Economists: Assemble and guide a team of like-minded individuals, passionate about gaming and economies, and work closely with them to achieve breakthroughs in tokenomics. 


As a Lead Game Economist you should bring: 

  • At least 5 years of experience in game economy design and analysis, with a history of improving game economies and monetization strategies. 
  • A minimum of 2 years of hands-on experience in the Web3 space, with an in-depth understanding of blockchain technology and the Web3 gaming sector. 
  • A profound interest in both traditional gaming economics and the evolving Web3 gaming landscape. 
  • Strong analytical skills, ideally combined with a love for numbers and economic modeling. 
  • Previous experience in game development or game monetization roles, with direct involvement in integrating economic systems into games. 
  • Demonstrated experience in tokenomics design within the Web3 domain. 
  • Excellent communication skills, perfect for sharing your gaming and economic insights. 
  • A record of innovation in game economies, with the ability to ideate and test new economic mechanisms and token models. 
  • Proven management and leadership abilities, ideally with experience in guiding teams passionate about gaming and economies. 
  • A relevant degree in economics, game design, or a related field, with PhDs being an added advantage. 


If you are interested in our Lead Game Economist role reach out to Poppy Colbourne for more information. 




$175,000 / Annually