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DeFi-Native Business Development Lead

At Size, the wave of growth is pulsing through the industry, and we're in search of a driven, deeply connected DeFi enthusiast to charge a pioneering initiative. Our mission? To introduce fixed rates into the heart of DeFi and forge the foundation of the globe's decentralized credit marketplace.

Embrace a watershed moment in your career as Size's vanguard business development innovator. This opportunity calls for an enterprising spirit ready to steer our early developmental efforts and craft the framework for an enlarging team.

Enter Size's realm, an extraordinary credit market offering cohesive liquidity across all maturities. Our platform empowers users with unprecedented freedom to borrow or earn on their terms throughout the DeFi universe.

Key Responsibilities

• Development Strategy Leadership: As our inaugural Business Development Lead, you'll architect and launch Size's strategic vision for bizdev and sales initiatives.

• Partnership Forging: Cement meaningful alliances with key integration partners, digital asset funds, treasuries, and seasoned DeFi participants.

• Brand Championing: Elevate Size's voice across various media, including interviews and social platforms, to amplify our presence and mission.

• Cross-functional Synergy: Work in lockstep with the founders, bolstering areas such as growth drives, fundraising endeavors, and marketing campaigns.

• Marketplace Impact: Fuel the growth in loan volumes and Total Value Locked (TVL), vital indicators of Size's burgeoning ecosystem.

Desirable Qualifications

• DeFi Advocacy: A minimum of 3 years' profound engagement with on-chain DeFi ecosystems.

• Proven Experience: A history of similar achievements in the DeFi domain.

• DeFi Networking: A notable presence and extensive network of contacts within the DeFi community.

• Dynamic Drive: A high-energy personality, capable of self-management and initiative.

• |Passion for the Cause**: A zealous believer in the principles of open finance, the cyberpunk ethos, and the pursuit of creating substantial value.

Auxiliary Resources

• Size Documentation: Access Docs

• Website Preview: Please keep the following staging link private: Access Staging Site

• Application Preview: The app staging link is also confidential: Access Staging App

Equip yourself to be at the forefront of revolutionizing DeFi with Size. If your ambition echoes our vision of redefining finance, we invite you to apply and help chart a new course for the financial future.


United States


$150,000 / Annually